As a Music Director, Jeremy is committed to maintaining the integrity of the composer's musical vision. In rehearsal, he works to have this vision realized, directing the ensemble to achieve the melodies, harmonies, dynamics, rhythms, and tempos as penned by the composer. Further bringing the score to life, he works with the ensemble on their harmonic balance, breaths, phrasing, and articulations. He believes in constant communication, feedback, and encouragement.

Jeremy's philosophy is that everything we do is in service to the story we are telling. We work to maintain the integrity of the composer's vision, which is created in service to the story... and in our execution and interpretation, all the musical choices that we make should ultimately be in service to the story as well!

While generally emphasizing detail, precision, and clarity in rehearsal, Jeremy strongly believes that rehearsal should also remain fun-spirited. Patience, humor, joy, and levity are important things to bring to the rehearsal environment.

Jeremy has participated in many different types of ensembles and choral groups not only as a Music Director, but as an instrumentalist and vocalist as well. As such, he has learned many types of techniques for helping singers to learn and understand rhythms and harmonies, as well as multiple ways of explaining the same principle, for those with different sets of training or vocabulary.

Jeremy has worked with performers of varying levels of experience, including children, high school students, college students and adults, both amateurs and professionals alike, adapting his methods and the material as needed to fit the group!

In addition to vocal direction, Jeremy is also adept at, and enjoys, instrumental direction. He can effectively assemble, direct, and conduct excellent instrumental ensembles when he is called to do so.

While a Music Director's job might technically be defined as "being in charge of all the musical aspects of a production," Jeremy sees the role of Music Director to be about much more.

It's about collaboration – both with the artistic and design staff and with the actors and musicians.

It's about finding the right placement, the right sound, the right color... and being mindful of style, and what is or isn't appropriate technique for the given style of music.

It's about finding solutions together.

It's about finding new ways to explore the material, deepening and enriching our ways of understanding and engaging with it.

And ultimately, it's about supporting your cast through each and every performance!

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