"I became aware of Mr. Lyons' manifold talents when we both shared a piano at a performance for Vocal Ease, an organization that brings music to nursing homes and residences all over New York. I was struck by Jeremy's apposite and sympathetic accompaniments of the traditional theatre music that was being sung that day. He really knows his way around a show tune!"
Steve Ross
Cabaret Entertainer
"Jeremy is a lifesaver for this notationally challenged composer. His infinite knowledge of music theory and notation technology and software have been invaluable to me.  As an arranger and copyist he is lightning fast with incredible accuracy and attention to detail."
Jill Santoriello
Composer, Lyricist, and Bookwriter of A Tale of Two Cities
"Whether onstage or in the pit, and whether as colleague and costar or maestro and mentor, Jeremy Lyons' contributions to the artistic process are consistently typified by a combination of talent, professionalism, courtesy, and humility that is all too rare in this industry."
Cas Marino
Actor/Singer, Writer, Producer
"I've had the extreme pleasure of working with Jeremy on five productions. In my several years as a sound designer, I've yet to meet a music director who was so extraordinarily talented, organized, and good-natured. He also has an innate sense of teamwork and artistic collaboration. The fact that he displays his consummate professionalism with absolutely no ego and at such a young age is icing on the cake."
Sara Clemens
Sound Design
"Jeremy Robin Lyons is a wonderful person, great pianist who plays with passion and enthusiasm, consistently has a positive attitude, is fully present and interested, creative and as an artist will give you a beautiful truthful performance. You want to work with this talented guy!"
Melissa Perry
Singer and Voice Coach
"Working with Jeremy was an absolute delight. The only thing that might trump his ridiculous talent might be his top-notch professionalism. You should totes hire him."
Jason B. Schmidt
The Parodivas
"Jeremy is the most talented musician I know. It's almost as if there's just music inside of him. I've never met anyone who can play a song better on the piano, or write a better arrangement, or be a better music director. He demands respect, but at the same time is one of the most hilarious, fun people you'll ever have the honor of working with."
Gina Santare
"Jeremy is an absolute delight to work with! Not only is he an incredible pianist and musician, he's also willing and able to jump in at any point in the process of a show. He's become the very first person that I call for anything music related and never lets us down. Besides all of that, he's extremely professional and so much fun to be around!! Use him (if I haven't already booked him first)!"
Taryn Turney
"Jeremy is an exciting man to know.  I have never known a person at his age to have the combination of talent, drive, skill, and experience that he possesses.  He has a massive knowledge of musical theater, likely gained from the vast amount of shows he's musical directed and performed.  He has a very critical ear, but an incredibly eloquent, supportive tongue - a rare combination that will certainly make him a success in his future endeavors.  I've told numerous people that I can't wait to see Jeremy's accomplishments, because I'm quite sure they will be outstanding."
Clay Smith
"Jeremy is one of the most professional music directors that I have had the privilege of working under. He is extremely organized, highly detail-oriented, and is in constant communication to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion. His directions are clear, his arrangements both beautiful and tasteful, and his dedication to his craft is apparent. While rehearsal time is always productive and serious, there is an element of joy that underlies each action, making even the most difficult moments less stressful. It is both a joy and an honor to work with Jeremy."
Kimberly Werner
"I've had the opportunity to work with Jeremy on many occasions-- as a cast mate, as my accompanist, as my music director (both when I've performed and directed)-- and in each of these roles he exhibits passion, drive, dedication-- and a love and talent for music.  A singer's piano player- he follows performers with grace and teaches with the utmost patience. As a brilliant musician himself-- the piano speaks and sparks at his fingers.  Highly recommend him!"
Jackie Jacobi
"Jeremy was my musical director for the musicals Ragtime, A Chorus Line, Into the Woods, and Aida as well as many concerts around New York state and Disney World. I was 17 when I started working with him and very inexperienced and he has championed and supported me through many difficult roles. He inspired me to go after my goals with as much determination and passion as he has shown me. I am now 20 years old in my junior year at the Hartt School of Music for Musical Theater and I know I could not have had the knowledge and most importantly the courage to pursue my goals had it not been for his help."
Julian Sarria
"When Jeremy contacts me to work with him on a project or a show, I know that I am always in for a treat.  His professionalism and unmatched talent always make working with him a pleasure and a privilege.  I am always amazed by the quality of work which he produces and will always drop anything for the opportunity to work with him."
Chris Morrison
"Jeremy is a genius. So young and so dedicated, he is an inspiration to all. To me, he has been one of the most profound, patient, and pleasant teachers I have ever had the honor to work with. I take with me the wisdom he has shown me to study musical theater at the University of Cincinnati College- Conservatory of Music, where I only hope that the work I do there is as magical as the work I have done with Jeremy."
Cameron Hill
"Jeremy is a consummate young professional who is a great collaborator and effective teacher. His cheerful and efficient manner, not to mention exceptional keyboard skills made navigating the sometimes tricky score of A Doll's Life a true pleasure!"
Margaret Dietrich

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